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dragon ball af info

So far this is what has been released in jap and has been translated by a friend.

Dragon ball af starts with grandma pan finding some books that belonged to dende and she passed them along to her grand son goku jr.
After grandma pan died goku jr read the books and they were the secret to making the dragon balls!
Goku jr and vegeta jr one day sfter school started making a model of a dragon which took them a very long time to complete.After they completed the model they didnt know what to do.So they left the model alone for 2 years after the two years passed goku returned from the underworld for a grave danger came like no other. the monster destroyed every one on earth so goku took the model that goku and vegeta jr made and he summoned the dragon creating the dragon balls.

after goku destroyed the monster he wished back the people on earth.
But goku jr and vegeta jr collected all the dragon balls to make a wish.
Goku jr made the wish and he wished for his grandma pan to come back but something went wrong!

Pan did come back but she was a child and alterd time returning goku vegeta bulma videl gohan goten and every one else back to befor goku left with shenron.
Goku and vegeta jr were gone though because they have never been born.
Pan was scared because she had her memories of the future and convinced goku to stay but when goku didn't go with shenron it caused a fury in shenron and shenron blew up! whitch caused goku to turn back to an adult.

there is much more to come!

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